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Receive High-Level & Experienced... Specialist Care at Home to Reduce Fears & Frustrations while Holding on to Independence

At a time when your family is struggling. When your loved one is feeling puzzled and distressed. When you're stressed out and the strain becomes too much to maintain, the last thing anyone would want is to see is a family member take a turn for the worst.

Therefore, your decision to get expert live-in care for dementia might be the best choice, as uprooting your loved one can cause their disease to progress rapidly through the stages.1 Simply because, for a person living with dementia, removing their familiar surroundings and daily habits can be frightening.

Imagine for a moment, your mental capacity is being restricted while your flexibility to adjust becomes increasingly rigid, as it naturally does with age. Now take yourself out of your beloved world and drop yourself into a foreign place with strangers. How might you feel?

That's why enabling your loved one to live independently in their own home can provide empowerment. Their confidence and strength remain steady as they battle this disease. While you're given some much-needed relief. It's been a challenge, hasn't it?

So now might be the time to receive specialist live-in dementia care for your family member to continue enjoying their activities and relationships...

...so they can continue living on their terms. In the comfort of their own homes.

With a dedicated carer living with your relative, they can maintain and fulfil their way of life in a safe familiar place. We'll make this happen by getting to know and understand your family member's needs. Through training and experience, we'll respond with a deeper understanding of their condition to challenging situations. That way, we provide exceptional service and support from outstanding carers.

Essential Guide to Home Care

With a Live-In Carer, your Loved One will...

home comfort

Live out their natural desire to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

living independently

Gain the confidence and reassurance they need to continue living independently.


Be able to see friends and family and neighbours whenever they desire.


Receive support with their ability to complete daily functions. This increases personal freedoms and control, two important contributors to well-being.

feel normal as an individual

Feel a sense of normality and personhood for being an individual.


Be free to come and go as they please.

selfless care

Experience the selfless consideration from a carer towards their happiness, well-being and safety above anything else.

It's Easier to Introduce a New Friendly & Trustworthy Person into their Life than Changing their Whole World

Because dementia sufferers experience a host of issues like memory and cognition and function problems, in the end, they rely on others to accomplish daily tasks. At some point, they are no longer safe to be left alone. And since 83% of dementia sufferers, according to the Alzheimer’s Society, desire to live independently, then live-in care is an option that fulfils your loved one's wish.2,3

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With live-in care for dementia, they're guaranteed flexible support whenever they need it. Should something become stressful, their carer is there to relive it. If something becomes difficult to complete, their carer is there to simplify the task. There's no need to disorientate them and inflict more trauma if you can avoid it.

Altogether, you'll receive a lifestyle boost. While your family member feels a positive change to maintain their living standards and overall wellbeing without the added stress. Our service always aims to increase their happiness, well-being, independence, social participation and aid in healthy ageing. That way, they'll still feel a sense of identity through independence and autonomy.

In fact, for the majority of people with dementia, being part of the community is very important as stated in the Alzheimer’s Society's research. Therefore, with their status in the community and with caring relationships, your loved one will continue to identify who they are.

In all, quality live-in dementia care and support produce the confidence and reassurance they need to continue living independently. While the familiar comforting feel of their home keeps them satisfied. Nevertheless, we recognise the frustrations and challenges they're faced with. For this reason, a selfless and considerate trained professional is there to offer twenty-four seven physical and emotional support. Our live-in carers always put your loved one's best interests first.

  • Exceptional care. They discovered my mother's interests to developed a relationship. Then experience them together making her life more entertaining.

    T. Smith

    Star Rating
  • We're really happy with the care. Live-in care has made an impact. Our mum interacts more. Goes out and chats with people in the community. Overall, she's happier.

    D. Walker

    Star Rating
  • Just wonderful care. Home care has given me a purpose, dreams, and the desire to plan out my coming days. Now, I look forward to things to come.

    K. Bennett
    West Sussex

    Star Rating
  • Superb care and attention. They do everything for my dad. I don’t know what I'd do without live-in care. They give him a much healthier life.

    L. Mills

    Star Rating
  • We're amazed by such selfless and devoted care. My wife's every need was catered for with loving hands by someone trustworthy.

    J. Curtis

    Star Rating
  • Carer lights up life. I'm really grateful. My dad's life has been transformed. His spirits are high from the professional and fun care. He enjoys the company and outings. Thank you.

    S. George

    Star Rating
  • Somehow just saying thank you doesn't seem like enough. But I hope you know how much your thoughtfulness has meant to me.

    A. Thornton

    Star Rating
  • Patient, calm, and funny. Mum's left in good hands. She's always happy dancing and joking around. They've become good friends.

    S. Manning

    Star Rating

Subsequently, you can be assured that a live-in dementia caregiver will maintain the highest quality of life possible while living with your family member. They will make it possible for your family member to stay in their home environment. To continue enjoying their activities and hobbies and interests. To spend uncontrolled time with family and friends. And crucially, your agony will vanish. In the end, they get a chance to live out their time as happy as they can be.

Naturally, changing their manner of living can be daunting. Nevertheless, our first-class carers and their experience, training, and skills, allows us to ease this transition. No matter the stage of their condition, our specialist dementia live-in care provides an around-the-clock, personalised and friendly service in the safety and comfort of their own home.

On the whole, you can be assured that your relative is well cared for with a dedicated personal touch. Not only this but our carers refuse to lower standards. In fact, due to their natural passion, they'll go beyond a regular service to help improve your loved one's quality of life. So why not contact us now to find out how we can improve your family's lifestyle?

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