Quality Live-in Care Keeps Home Comforts

Wouldn't you want to Continue Living Independently in the Comfort of your Own Home Too?

When your loved one has a carer in their home, they can fulfil life in a safe familiar place. They can maintain the way they want to live. With live-in care, they'll continue living on their terms. We'll make this happen by listening and getting to know your family member. That way, we provide exceptional service and support from outstanding carers.

Essential Guide to Home Care

With a Live-In Carer, your Loved One will...

home comfort

Live out their natural desire to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

living independently

Gain the confidence and reassurance they need to continue living independently.


Be able to see friends and family and neighbours whenever they desire.


Receive support with their ability to complete daily functions. This increases personal freedoms and control, two important contributors to well-being.

feel normal as an individual

Feel a sense of normality and personhood for being an individual.


Be free to come and go as they please.

selfless care

Experience the selfless consideration from a carer towards their happiness, well-being and safety above anything else.

An Understanding Bond with Someone you can Trust, at a Time when you Most Need It

While life is a constant juggle, the added demand for your time from a loved one makes it increasingly difficult. There's no doubt you'll do whatever it takes to provide for their needs. Although, they worry that they may be a burden and often do not ask for the help they need for fear of imposing on you.

However, even though you don't see it like that, the stress and demand can eventually become too much. The situation can quickly shift to a point where your family cannot cope. It becomes clear that your loved one needs urgent professional help. That's where home care can provide the solution.

Often, your family member will be happier with a professional carer providing for their needs. This means your loved one will be able to maintain their living standards without the stress.

Overall, your loved one will receive a lifestyle boost. They'll feel a positive increase in happiness, well-being, independence, social participation and healthy ageing. They'll feel a sense of identity through independence and autonomy... through caring relationships and from their status in the neighbourhood.

This breeds the confidence and reassurance they need to continue living independently. Plus, the comfort and familiarity of their home add to their overall experience.

However, we understand the difficulties you're faced with, that’s why our selfless and considerate carers always put your relative's happiness, well-being and safety first.

With a live-in carer as an option, you're providing your family member with a choice. A choice that enables them to stay in their home environment. To continue doing the activities and hobbies and interests they enjoy. To spend time with the people they like when they want to. And enjoy their favourite foods whenever they desire. In the end, they get a chance to decide how to live out their life.

Understandably, making a lifestyle change at this stage can be increasingly daunting. However, allowing us to help you will ease this transition. So contact us now to see how we can help with your concerns and take away any worries.

What is live-in care?
Discover what carers do to enhance wellbeing & increase life quality
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Why Live-In Care?

It's the preferred alternative to moving into residential care. Because moving home, in itself, is stressful. But imagine the added heartbreak of unwillingly relocating to a place you don't want to be, with a dictated structure, and rules... then it's understandably disturbing.

As research suggests, the majority of us prefer to stay at home living independently for as long as possible. The desire to "stay put" or ageing at home is consistently expressed. It's not surprising since the vast majority of time is spent inside the home.

Therefore, the reality of moving to a room in a care home crushes our natural desire. And yet, it's much deeper than that. Through numerous investigations, it's clear to see "living at home promotes a sense of personhood or normalcy". Furthermore, our home environment supports our ability to complete daily functions as well as personal freedoms and control... just a few important contributors to well-being.[1,2]

With that in mind, 24-hour live-in care is an option. Many are now choosing to receive care at home because it provides the support they need to keep their routines. They can see their friends and family whenever they want. They can go out and come home as they please. This independence is a major factor in overall happiness and well-being. That's why home care has become the top choice.

Plus, live-in care enables your family member to remain living in the familiarity of their own home. Adding to this, a home caregiver empowering your loved one to “stay put” at home essentially contributes to a positive increase in well-being, independence, social participation and healthy ageing while dampening intense negative emotional experiences.

Due to their reducing ability, negative experiences and frustrations, such as loneliness and isolation begin to creep in. Research points to a lack of support at home and in the neighbourhood and through their social network. This may undermine their ability to live independently.

Moreover, the health and social care provided may be insufficient or inappropriate to supporting the needs of the person. In these kinds of situations, the person may experience long-term malaise and stress and the eventual traumatic breakdown of their ability to remain independent.[1]

Nevertheless, our live-in home care service offers first-class assistance and increases options for your family. With exceptional caregivers, your loved one's personal and social symbol is brightened by their continued ability to be independent. Because, as the researchers point out...

...The key message here is that policy and practice cannot assume that simply by supporting the basic needs of a person at home will inevitably lead to improved well-being.

It goes to show much more than meeting "basic needs" is required to increase welfare. Together, we'll go beyond and provide luxury and joy to their life. We can prevent hospital or care home admission while improving their health and wellbeing at home.

Save on Live-In Home Care

Whichever option you select, what's clear is that people want choices about where and how they live this stage of their life. Living at home is seen as an advantage... Providing a sense of attachment. A connection... And feelings of security and familiarity. Ageing at home relates to...

...a sense of identity both through independence and autonomy and through caring relationships and roles in the places people live.[3]

With care at home, this can be achieved without rigid rules or timetables. Tomorrow's plan can be varied. This contributes to a natural sense of pride and liberty and tranquillity while avoiding any upset caused by moving somewhere unfamiliar. Any feelings of resentment can be dodged by not leaving loved ones behind.

Instead, imagine your family member waking up with dedicated help at hand. Eating meals they choose and enjoy. Going on a day trip when they feel the urge. Or simply enjoying the company of friends and family at any time. Then, at the end of the day, they're cuddling up with their pet while reading or watching tv.

A live-in carer is there to make this happen. To go further than simply meeting your loved one’s daily needs. They provide companionship. They provide the highest quality of life possible even if their needs are quite complex.

  • Exceptional care. They discovered my mother's interests to developed a relationship. Then experience them together making her life more entertaining.

    T. Smith

    Star Rating
  • We're really happy with the care. Live-in care has made an impact. Our mum interacts more. Goes out and chats with people in the community. Overall, she's happier.

    D. Walker

    Star Rating
  • Just wonderful care. Home care has given me a purpose, dreams, and the desire to plan out my coming days. Now, I look forward to things to come.

    K. Bennett
    West Sussex

    Star Rating
  • Superb care and attention. They do everything for my dad. I don’t know what I'd do without live-in care. They give him a much healthier life.

    L. Mills

    Star Rating
  • We're amazed by such selfless and devoted care. My wife's every need was catered for with loving hands by someone trustworthy.

    J. Curtis

    Star Rating
  • Carer lights up life. I'm really grateful. My dad's life has been transformed. His spirits are high from the professional and fun care. He enjoys the company and outings. Thank you.

    S. George

    Star Rating
  • Somehow just saying thank you doesn't seem like enough. But I hope you know how much your thoughtfulness has meant to me.

    A. Thornton

    Star Rating
  • Patient, calm, and funny. Mum's left in good hands. She's always happy dancing and joking around. They've become good friends.

    S. Manning

    Star Rating

If you want your loved one to keep their independence and enjoy this stage of their life, then a live-in caregiver can be an ideal solution.

To provide the well-being your loved one deserves, your live-in caregiver covers various required areas. May it be everyday personal care or help with chores or errands to more complex duties. These services are tailored to specific needs. That's why your carer is matched to suit. That way we ensure all of your loved one's requirements are satisfied.

Nevertheless, as needs change over time, the services will inevitably change too.

Whatever the required service is, a caregiver living with your loved one makes it possible for them to complete daily functions:

What Live-in Carers do

A live-in carer carries out a wide range of duties based on your loved one's requirements. The services a live-in carer might provide are listed in the categories below:

Personal Support

  • Assistance with bathing and dressing while maintaining their dignity.
  • Daily Hygiene - Washing their face and hair, bathing, brushing their teeth.
  • Personal grooming - Applying body cream, brushing hair, filing nails, electric shave, soak and massage feet etc.
  • Bringing together GP's, district nurse's and other healthcare professional's direction so that they synchronise.
  • Ensuring any required medication is taken by regularly prompting them. If necessary, administering a designated dose of prescription(s).
  • Ensuring any continence problems are supported.
  • Monitoring of blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.
  • Mobility support - Assisting their movement around their home and while they're outside.
  • Specialist care for complex conditions.

Home Help

  • General housekeeping - regular chores such as light daily tidying, washing up, vacuuming and dusting.
  • Laundry - washing, drying and ironing their clothes.
  • Garden maintenance such as watering, sweeping, raking and tidying.
  • Preparing nutritious meals for their taste and dietary needs
  • If they have a pet, a carer will help them provide care with walking and feeding
  • Running necessary errands like collecting prescriptions or shopping for food
  • Help with simple admin tasks such as paying bills
  • There's always somebody on hand to answer the phone or the door while providing increased security.

Social Independence

  • Helping them to get out and about - A carer is there to help arrange their activities.
  • Their carer can enable them to see other parts of the world by assisting short breaks away to family holidays or even a tour of their dreams.
  • Visits to the doctor, hospital, or to the dentist
  • A carer can be there to support working or studying

Emotional & Mental Elevation

  • There's always a positive perspective to help their mind, body and soul live well.
  • Often carers become friends and companions. They share moments and memories and meals while providing emotional support.
  • They provide social interaction by simply chatting, playing games, and enjoying music and TV together.
  • There's an added sense of security when knowing someone is always there.
  • Your loved one feels a greater sense of well-being being able to live as they always have

For a more in-depth look at what a live-in carer can do for your loved one while providing personalised, one to one, assistance in their own home, 24-hours a day, then click the link below.

What is live-in care?
Discover what carers do to enhance wellbeing & increase life quality

Who is Suitable for Live-In Care?

Once a requirement for permanent care is established, the person in need can be in multiple situations. Your loved one may or may not be elderly... They may be young. They may simply require companionship... assistance... or more advanced care.

Your loved one may need ongoing professional live-in care if they are suffering from problems.

We Deliver a Range of Live-In Care Services

Our highly trained - experienced live-in carers are prepared for a range conditions, including specialist care for complex conditions...

Companion Support

Companion Support for mobility, home help, social activity, etc.

Personal Care Assistance

Personal Care Assistance to continue living with pride.

Advanced Complex Care

Advanced Complex Care such as Dementia, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, disease recovery, palliative care.

Special Needs Care

Special Needs Care solutions for people with learning disabilities.

Disability Care

Disability Care support for physical disabilities

Care for Young Adults

Care for Young Adults covering companion support to complex and disability care.

On the whole, anyone that needs specialist day-to-day support to continue living in their own home will benefit from live-in care. With first-class carers and their experience, training, skills and a refusal to lower standards, be assured that your relative is well cared for.

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What is live-in care?
Discover what carers do to enhance wellbeing & increase life quality
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