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Professional care to improve life-limiting disease
by promoting self-worth & independence

There have been ups and downs. Attacks and relapse. While some MS symptoms go unnoticed because their body re-routes around the nerve damage. There's been some recovery. But overall, progressive decline and disability. Gradually, life has been getting worse for your loved one. Their early symptoms of feeling fatigued and weak and unsteady, maybe some trouble thinking, has amplified. Their multiple sclerosis requires help at home. The damaging lesions have severely impacted their lifestyle and your's too.

While providing home care, you're increasingly been met with multiple issues... emotional and physical. Your family member may have been battling with depression and anxiety. They're terrified about their future. Understandably they are really unhappy. Also, there's the practical side of things - all of the everyday tasks they can no longer do for themselves.

Naturally, you're on hand to help. And often, friends and relatives make themselves available too. Nevertheless, it's almost a full-time job now. So it might be time to bring in live-in care for MS patients.

Essential Guide to Home Care

How Home Care Can Effect Your Loved One's Daily Life

Balance - quality of life

Enjoy a desired quality of life while fulfilling basic human needs.

A Sense of Community

Supporting & maintaining their lifestyle provides a sense of belonging & community & safety while decreasing stress.

Enable Relationships

Control over daily life enables relationships that maintain interpersonal harmony.

Personal Care Assistance

Feel a sense of pride in appearance with personal care assistance. Support daily activities to boost physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Be house proud through help with essential household tasks.

Empower Independent Living

Adds comfort & empowers independent living that boosts self-confidence & self-esteem which enables a positive outlook & competence when confronting situations.

Home Care can Increase Dignity & Self-Worth

While life expectancy is somewhat normal, living with a chronic autoimmune disease like multiple sclerosis is not. This condition has affected their brain and spinal cord. Because their immune system has mistaken their nerve coating, myelin, as a disease and attacked it. Now they're left with scars and a range of symptoms. Where they were once strong and able, they have now been left with reduced function and ability.

It makes life complicated and difficult.

Everyday tasks we take for granted become challenging. Although, some can be adjusted; door handles, bathrooms, appliances and switches can be modified, while others cannot. It's not always easy.

The damage disrupting bodily messages can slow down, become distorted, or not get through at all. Their daily life will have already been adapted but with specialist multiple sclerosis home care assistance, your loved one can lead a long, active, healthy life.

According to the NHS, multiple sclerosis home care services can benefit them enormously. While being supported to care for themselves, they can live longer, have a better quality of life, and be more active and independent.1 We can help them take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

Undoubtedly, your family member still has the desire to maintain their independence in their own home, just like everyone else. However, MS patients that are severely affected by the disease may have trouble expressing their wishes. Communication can become a barrier. They may have developed speech difficulties or memory problems. Nevertheless, the option to stay at home will be welcome.

With our multiple sclerosis home care option, we can help them fulfil their daily tasks. Perform their hobbies. Pursue their interests. We can assist them with the activities that otherwise drain their energy. All barriers are broken down.

MS Live-In Care
Increase Dignity & Keep home comforts to raise self-worth
  • Exceptional care. They discovered my mother's interests to developed a relationship. Then experience them together making her life more entertaining.

    T. Smith

    Star Rating
  • We're really happy with the care. Live-in care has made an impact. Our mum interacts more. Goes out and chats with people in the community. Overall, she's happier.

    D. Walker

    Star Rating
  • Just wonderful care. Home care has given me a purpose, dreams, and the desire to plan out my coming days. Now, I look forward to things to come.

    K. Bennett
    West Sussex

    Star Rating
  • Superb care and attention. They do everything for my dad. I don’t know what I'd do without live-in care. They give him a much healthier life.

    L. Mills

    Star Rating
  • We're amazed by such selfless and devoted care. My wife's every need was catered for with loving hands by someone trustworthy.

    J. Curtis

    Star Rating
  • Carer lights up life. I'm really grateful. My dad's life has been transformed. His spirits are high from the professional and fun care. He enjoys the company and outings. Thank you.

    S. George

    Star Rating
  • Somehow just saying thank you doesn't seem like enough. But I hope you know how much your thoughtfulness has meant to me.

    A. Thornton

    Star Rating
  • Patient, calm, and funny. Mum's left in good hands. She's always happy dancing and joking around. They've become good friends.

    S. Manning

    Star Rating

As a result of care at home, your loved one will receive one-to-one multiple sclerosis support and assistance in their comfortable homely environment. With a one-on-one carer, there is a choice - To promote independence. To be in control. To uphold their dignity. To receive professional aid when required and have all of their needs met by a dedicated carer.

On the other hand, a care home can be an option. However, few care homes provide specialist care for MS. Especially for younger people. And there's a concern whether a specialist care home can offer a place to a younger adult through to old age.

Nonetheless, they may be a young adult. They may be elderly... Whatever their circumstance, for a superior quality of life, there's a choice. With this choice, your loved one can remain independent and happy in their own home.

With that in mind, some additional changes to your home may be required. But not to worry, because there is funding available. The costs for specialist equipment and changes to your home may be picked up by your council through social care services. Smaller expenses are often covered for ramps and rails and hoists.

Although, larger costs and changes to your home such as a stairlift or walk-in shower can be applied for through your local council's disabled facilities grant or the scheme of assistance if you're in Scotland.

Ultimately, your family member's specialist MS home care and assistance enables them to continue living independently. Through support from a professional, experienced and trained, live-in carer, they'll still be able to enjoy the activities and social gatherings they love. This dedicated person living with your family helps to improve your loved one's quality of life. While they will develop a deep understanding and connection that allows your carer to deliver exceptional service.

Therefore, your loved one is happy and safe in the comfort of their own home. That way, they can go on enjoying life as part of your community. While everything they need is delivered through multiple sclerosis live-in care so they can continue their way of life.

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MS Live-In Care
Increase Dignity & Keep home comforts to raise self-worth
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