Always Rewarding Exceptional Live-In Carers

If you can't help but care. You instinctively care. You simply care... Then a flexible, well-paid, career helping a variety of people with CareJules might just be for you

Be one of our Live-In Care Assistants in London & South-East England.

  • Earn up to £966/wk - Excellent pay makes you feel appreciated
  • Flexible private live-in care jobs based around your availability
  • Ongoing personal & professional development to instinctively provide top care

Generously Rewarding Quality Carers

Our excellent fee structure rewards amazing people. And that's how we want you to feel... amazing. Take pride in the work that you do. Know you are valued and the superior care that you provide is worth more than the basic wage. That's why we make sure your live in carer pay rates and perks are worthwhile.

Perks of the Job

  • Earn up to £966/wk
  • £500 carer or customer referral scheme
  • Paid UK travel expenses to and from placements
  • Inclusive food & board

Flexible Live-In Care Jobs with 24/7 Assistance & Specialist Support

Your wellbeing is important to us. Because we find a happy and healthy worker performs best. Therefore, we make sure placements are flexible so you can create a healthy balance between live-in care work and your personal life. You can book short rotations with other carers or you can stay for longer periods and book your time off.

Whichever you choose, we'll support you to find a rewarding placement. Then you can provide your expertise to give our customers the best care possible. And should any problems arise, you can be assured we'll be there for you all day, every day.

Expert Skills & Knowledge Helps to Provide Care Naturally...

...As a top-class healthcare professional, you already know this to be true. Accordingly, we'll help you develop your expertise. That way, should anything unexpected happen, you'll be well equipped to manage the situation effectively.

Even though your current training and experience will benefit your future, to prepare you for live-in care placements with CareJules you'll receive an induction and ongoing coaching. We'll help to keep your healthcare skills and knowledge to a high standard and improve your techniques and understanding so you can give your best.

Meet our Criteria? Then Apply Now to Impact Somebody's Life with Live-In Carer Jobs

Live In Care Jobs
Provide your Expertise to Give our Customers the Best Care Possible

We are dedicated to delivering outstanding care to our customers. Therefore, we start with superior care standards and expect carers to maintain them. We expect care to be delivered with the right character and conduct. As our purpose is to improve and sustain our customers quality of life.

So if you already take extra special regard to standards of care. Inject passion and enthusiasm into your work. Then we want to hear from you.

Because we're always searching for an expert live-in carer. Somebody compelled to do whatever it takes to produce outstanding care work. A naturally driven and motivated individual. A person willingly spurred on each day, with the belief in always doing their best. Someone willing to put the customer's interest first.

Simply put, Always Endeavour to be an Altruistic Specialist. This statement emphasises our core values.

To get to the nitty-gritty of it, you'll need to be...

  • Empathetic - Understand and share other peoples feelings. Recognise their needs and hear their wishes.
  • Patient with the capability to stay relaxed and centred while enduring any problems.
  • Trustworthy - follow through with what you say and do and take responsibility for your actions. Show that you can be relied upon.
  • Sincerely compassionate and naturally kind by feeling and showing sympathy and concern for others.
  • Attentive by taking notice, listening, and tending with thought and consideration and respect.

That way, we can uphold our customer's belief in our reliability and truth and the ability of CareJules and associated carers. Consequently, our customers can rest assured that we'll always protect their privacy and their dignity while being there for them.

So, if you're a professional that simply cares, with good communication skills, fluent English language, willing to learn, mobile literate, and organised with a keen sense of duty and focus, and have good housekeeping and cooking skills, then we urge you to join our agency.

To become a CareJules healthcare professional working and living within our customer's home, you will need to be self-employed and able to work independently with your own initiative.

Live In Care Jobs
Provide your Expertise to Give our Customers the Best Care Possible

So apply now for a live-in carer job vacancy if you are committed to providing a high standard of care and have a caring nature and professional care experience. For example, if you have worked in a care home, have experience with domiciliary/hourly care work or similar healthcare work.

As an outstanding carer, you can make a real difference to another person's life with live-in care. You can help fulfil their life in a safe familiar place. Provide them with exceptional service and support. Really give them a lifestyle boost. They'll feel a positive increase in happiness, well-being, independence, social participation and healthy ageing. The independence and autonomy you'll be giving will carry a sense of identity for them.

Your selfless and considerate approach always puts the customer's happiness, well-being and safety first. You'll help them to continue doing the activities and hobbies and interests they enjoy. To spend time with the people they like when they want to. And enjoy their favourite foods whenever they desire. In the end, you give them a chance to decide how to live out their life.

What are the Duties & Responsibilities of a Live-In Carer?

  • To provide care while following the customer's care plan
  • Maintain all written records required for each client
  • Support with clients daily routine

To provide the well-being a customer deserves, a live-in caregiver covers various areas as required. Some cases are more complex, while others may be companion based. In any case, an individual care plan is there to tailor our service to their specific needs. May it be everyday personal care or help with chores or errands to more specialised duties. That way, we are sure to support their daily routine and ensure all of their requirements are satisfied.

With that in mind, we'll match you with live-in carer job vacancies that suit your abilities... carer placements where you can make it possible for the customer to complete their daily function. You'll help to provide quality of life for the customer without compromising your own lifestyle.

Overall, our care service covers four areas; personal support, home help, social independence, and emotional & mental elevation. Your duties will cover many aspects of each area to help them complete their daily function.

Personal Support

  • Assistance with bathing and dressing while maintaining their dignity.
  • Daily Hygiene - Washing their face and hair, bathing, brushing their teeth.
  • Personal grooming - Applying body cream, brushing hair, filing nails, electric shave, soak and massage feet etc.
  • Bringing together GP's, district nurse's and other healthcare professional's direction so that they synchronise.
  • Ensuring any required medication is taken by regularly prompting them. If necessary, administering a designated dose of prescription(s).
  • Ensuring any continence problems are supported.
  • Monitoring of blood pressure, blood sugar, etc?
  • Mobility support - Assisting their movement around their home and while they're outside.
  • Specialist care for complex conditions.

Home Help

  • General housekeeping - regular chores such as light daily tidying, washing up, vacuuming and dusting.
  • Laundry - washing, drying and ironing their clothes.
  • Garden maintenance such as watering, sweeping, raking and tidying.
  • Preparing nutritious meals for their taste and dietary needs.
  • If they have a pet, a carer will help them provide care with feeding and walking.
  • Running necessary errands like collecting prescriptions or shopping for food.
  • Help with simple admin tasks such as paying bills.
  • Being on hand to answer the phone or the door while providing increased security.

Social Independence

  • Helping them to get out and about - Help to arrange and assist their activities.
  • Enable and assist short breaks away, holidays or even a tour.
  • Visits to the doctor, hospital, or to the dentist.
  • Be there to support their working or studying.

Emotional & Mental Elevation

  • Present a positive perspective to help their mind, body and soul live well.
  • Provide emotional support by sharing moments and memories and meals.
  • Create social interactions by simply chatting, playing games, and enjoying music and TV together.
  • Supply an added sense of security simply because someone is always there.
  • Help them to feel a greater sense of well-being as they're able to live in their own home.

Apply now for a live-in carer job vacancy if you're an experienced self-employed healthcare professional, with initiative, good communication skills, fluent English language, willing to learn, mobile literate, organised with a keen sense of duty and focus, and have good housekeeping and cooking skills.

You will need to be self-employed with carers liability insurance and an up-to-date DBS certificate on the DBS update service. Should you need it, advice and assistance are available for such necessities. Simply ask for guidance when filling out the cover letter within the application form.

Live In Care Jobs
Provide your Expertise to Give our Customers the Best Care Possible