Do you Astound with Care?
Then Flourish as a Carer

Do you Astound with Care? Then Flourish as a Carer

Quality should be generously rewarded. That's why we offer excellent pay. So if you already bring the passion... Heed standards... Then we want to hear from you.

Be one of our Live-In Care Assistants in London & South-East England.

  • Earn up to £966/wk - Excellent pay makes you feel appreciated
  • Flexible private live-in care jobs based around your availability
  • Ongoing personal & professional development to instinctively provide top care

Because, as we grow, we're always on the lookout for naturally compassionate carers. A personal home care specialist who pays attention. Takes notice. Lends an empathetic ear. And attends with thought and consideration.

Somebody compelled to do whatever it takes... While being mindful... Clearly driven and motivated. Readily spurred on each day to help someone in need...

...A professional that simply cares!

Flexible One-to-One Home Care Jobs

As a top-class healthcare professional, be it a nurse, a carer, or any other expert, we want to help you find a rewarding placement. We understand the nature of private care jobs - That's why our service is flexible - As our purpose to help improve the quality of life for our customers can only be achieved with happy care workers.

For this reason, you can schedule short stays on a rotation basis with other carers. Or you can stay for longer periods as you see fit - Just as long as the customer and family members are happy too.

A flexible, well-paid, career helping a variety of people... sound appealing?

Impact Somebody's Life with Agency Care Work

As a dedicated one-on-one carer, you form a companionship. You'll relieve loneliness. Be by their side to avoid hazards and provide professional aid when required. While making sure all of their needs are met.

Be an essential piece to our customers' lives. Enable them to retain their desired quality of life by helping them to continue living in the comfort of their own homes.

You'll provide adults, both young and older with a variety of different health conditions, a solution to achieve a superior quality of life. By doing so, you'll help to keep them on the right track to remain independent and be happy in their own home.

Why not give them a choice? Give them freedom. Empower independence. Help people do what matters most to them - to live life on their terms.

With your endeavour, you can deliver life-changing care. That wouldn’t be possible without the injection of dedication and passion from people like you. In essence, you can be content in knowing you're making a difference.

So if you produce outstanding care work. Are naturally kind. Then we urge you to join our agency. Why not assist us in providing home care services?

Live In Care Jobs
Always Rewarding Exceptional Live-In Carers

Become a Member of our Caring Family

While you deliver essential day-to-day support, we'll supply ongoing guidance and support and expertise behind the scenes. As a home carer, you may be required to assist with their personal care. Support their daily activities. Help with essential household tasks... completely integrate a care service into every aspect of life including personal, health, and social care.

We help you to make it happen. However, it's only possible with the right kind of person...

...To become a CareJules healthcare professional, we look for people that believe in always doing their best... putting the customer's interests before their own... providing a superior standard of care delivered with good conduct and the right character.

With that said, our core values can be simplified to - Always Endeavour to be an Altruistic Specialist

So, if you already have expert healthcare skills and knowledge, we want to hear from you. As a matter of fact, we'll help you to develop your expertise with ongoing coaching to sharpen your techniques and deliver effective procedures.

All we ask is for you to be empathetic and trustworthy. Understand and share other peoples feelings. Recognise their needs and hear their wishes. While demonstrating what you say and do are not two different things. That way, we can uphold our customer's belief in our reliability and truth and the ability of CareJules and associated carers.

Consequently, our customers can rest assured that we'll always protect their privacy and their dignity while being there for them.

Why not Provide your Expertise to Give our Customers the Best Care Possible?