We Want to Give You a Healthful Uplift
with a Free Gift

£95.95 worth of equipment, gadgets, goods, & resources to help during this exhausting time

We Want To Give You A Healthful Uplift With A Free Gift

£95.95 worth of equipment, gadgets, goods, & resources to help during this exhausting time

Free Gift

Yours free, when you make a FREE phone consultation to discuss care needs & options.

So, get started now and find out how live-in care can help.

To receive your free gifts, request and schedule an appointment by filling in the application form below.


*What You'll Receive...

  • Personal Home Alert System - Caregiver Pager & Wireless Call Buttons
  • Digital Clock Calendar with Photo Frame
  • Brain Teaser Mind Game - Wooden Interlocking Puzzles
  • Anti-Stress Dot-to-Dot Book - Beautiful, Calming Pictures to Complete Yourself
  • Smile & Sway - Workout By Dancing in Your Chair - Low Impact Exercise in Disguise DVD (PAL)

*subject to availability. We reserve the right to replace products with similar and equivalent items.

You’re here now because something’s not right. For this reason, the time has come to talk about long-term care and support.

Regarding that, we know how important it is to understand what care at home involves before decisions are made. We can not only help you solve that issue, but our superior standard of care can ease frustrations.

CareJules Healthcare Professionals

Our unique family-minded approach connects exceptional live-in carers with adults in need of home care so they can live freely in their own home - on their own terms.

In fact, we passionately believe that most people want to stay in their homes for as long as possible. Home is where your memories, belongings, treasured things, garden and pets are. Home is where the family is used to coming to visit. Home is where community support is. And especially for people with dementia, this familiarity and comfort are hugely important to overall health and well-being. Anyone that needs specialist day-to-day support can continue living in their own home with live-in care.

With first-class carers and their experience, training, skills and a refusal to lower standards, you can be assured that your relative is well cared for. So why not fill in the form above now for a FREE phone consultation to find out how live-in care can help your loved one.