Why choose CareJules?

Because our unique family-minded approach brings relief and happiness. We connect exceptional live-in carers with adults in need of home care so they can live freely in their own home. Thereby, providing premier homecare services.

With CareJules Live-In Care, We Guarantee:

  • To only present quality carers with a family oriented ideology. As these carers want to spend time with your loved one and look forward to creating a meaningful companionship.
  • That our team commits to a relationship with you and your family member. Meaning, we are there for you. So we take time and get to know your loved one and fully understand their needs before matching carers.
  • Continuity; a fluid continuation of quality care. With caring relationships that deliver a smooth service. That's achieved through combining and coordinating and sharing information between different team members and other involved health care professionals. Ultimately, day-by-day events should be completed in a similar fashion whoever is involved so we'll all achieve consistency and excellence.

Above all, we guarantee that we'll enable your loved one's chosen lifestyle with quality support and care.

Simple Point of View Guides our Priority...

As our family-minded way guides us and those around us with our beliefs and ethics and morals, you can take assurance that we'll all achieve consistency and excellence.

For instance, our viewpoint is simple - To connect like-minded home carers with those in need so they can remain in their own home. Essentially, providing quality support and care to enable their chosen lifestyle.

You see, our priority is to the needs of your loved one. Therefore, we always respect their wishes about receiving care and support. In the end, everyone receives the same level of concern and respect. However, there are slight differences as we look at your loved one's lifestyle to determine what’s important to them, not just to provide basic care.

With this approach, if something should crop up, we're able to solve everyday hurdles by communicating with you and your family member and colleagues. We achieve this with questions and taking the time to listen and understand.

Incidentally, many home care providers introduce you to carers and leave the rest to you. You're left to manage everything, including their wages and the care plan... anything that arises is left down to you. Consequently, you're responsible for meeting regulations and guidance and keeping everything up-to-date.

In contrast, we provide a platform for you to discover star carers, while we take care of their wages and make sure everyone understands the rules and regulations... we'll provide the guidance... and between us, we'll create and update the care plan.

With this, we'll create a standard of care everyone involved understands. You can't get better assurance, can you?

As you can see, prestige runs right through our business. From the top down. That means, everyone we recruit must live by the same standards. That's because the best care delivered to your loved one can only be consistent while everyone commits to our principles.

To tell the truth, some of our greatest assets, besides personnel, are attributes such as care & attention to detail and presentation. It all starts with self-respect and pride in appearance. If a person should fail there then what hope do they have when making sure your loved one and their home is highly respected. In fact, when we achieve this presentation, we feel good about ourselves. Your family member feels good too. And this goes towards good mental health as well. Ultimately, we consider the approach we make to provide a professional service.

Overall, it's quality assurance, and therefore, peace of mind.

  • Exceptional care. They discovered my mother's interests to developed a relationship. Then experience them together making her life more entertaining.

    T. Smith

    Star Rating
  • We're really happy with the care. Live-in care has made an impact. Our mum interacts more. Goes out and chats with people in the community. Overall, she's happier.

    D. Walker

    Star Rating
  • Just wonderful care. Home care has given me a purpose, dreams, and the desire to plan out my coming days. Now, I look forward to things to come.

    K. Bennett
    West Sussex

    Star Rating
  • Superb care and attention. They do everything for my dad. I don’t know what I'd do without live-in care. They give him a much healthier life.

    L. Mills

    Star Rating
  • We're amazed by such selfless and devoted care. My wife's every need was catered for with loving hands by someone trustworthy.

    J. Curtis

    Star Rating
  • Carer lights up life. I'm really grateful. My dad's life has been transformed. His spirits are high from the professional and fun care. He enjoys the company and outings. Thank you.

    S. George

    Star Rating
  • Somehow just saying thank you doesn't seem like enough. But I hope you know how much your thoughtfulness has meant to me.

    A. Thornton

    Star Rating
  • Patient, calm, and funny. Mum's left in good hands. She's always happy dancing and joking around. They've become good friends.

    S. Manning

    Star Rating

Experience & Training Remain Constant Throughout

As every carer is professionally experienced and trained to a high standard. Nevertheless, carers receive on-going training to develop and sharpen skills. This ensures they can fulfil your family member's expected or sudden needs and gives them the ability to flex and adapt to momentary situations.

With that, we can assure each carer is giving care to our high standards. Plus, each individual feels fully supported. With that in mind, there's always somebody to go to for extra support with concerns. That way, they unburden themselves and can better focus on assisting your loved one.

Fundamentally, checks and procedures ensure a high-quality service. Therefore, your family member's welfare is upheld. Carers are happier working and following them. So we lay out a system to coordinate home care and setup and oversee care packages.

New Star Family Care Service

Since we've recently ventured into providing live-in care, we are not the biggest company. Although, that may be an advantage for you as we offer a close family orientated service with star carers.

Plus, we believe your family member should have the option to stay at home. Despite your loved one's health condition and lifestyle needs. We accomplish this by coordinating with their support network, which may include your GP, nurse, therapists and other specialists. This will help us provide a flexible and personalised care package. Because, as you'll know, things can change over time and sometimes suddenly.

So contact us now to make an appointment. We'll simply discuss your loved one's needs to determine what is best suitable. We'll then talk you through our primary care service which involves gathering essential information, determining daily routines, and overall lifestyle. After that, we'll inform you how we'll create a unique care plan and how we put in place your care service.

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